Deepak from Kethorai writes :-

Deepak from Kethorai writes :-

Really fantastic… The things like EDHA MANE, DHARSAE PETTI / BALLA, HAGALAE clearly explain how our people had planned and prepared for their life in olden days. Its miserable that we are losing those treasures in today’s busy life. There are somethings like ERAGI METTODHU, BATHA HOKKUDHU which nowadays are just in the stories that our elders (Hetthai,Ayya) tell to us. Our people were clear about what is good and healthy for us. Also the different recipes for different seasons were in such a way to defend ourselves from diseases.

Your work is simply amazing JP. I thank you on behalf of youngsters for letting us know our cultures value.We really feel proud to be Badaga. We are getting to know a lot of things about our civilization. Thanks a ton! Continue your superb work.


One response to “Deepak from Kethorai writes :-

  1. Karthick kumar

    I’m very proud to be a Badaga. But I feel very much that I can’t write in Badaga and I’ve to depend on other languages for writing. But still I’ll never give up my Badaga for any other thing. If I were not a Badaga I would have missed a lot many things in my life. Nowadays my language is going down because many Badaga parent don’t teach their child Badaga and they feel teaching Badaga is useless, without knowing its sweetness. For such kind of people, I request them to experience the sweetness of Badaga and let it grow with generations…

    Totally agree with you, these Badagas who cannot take pride in their unique language are condemned to lead a ‘meaningless life’. Another person who is ‘killing’ the beauty of Badaga is the CTN Badaga songs host. This gentleman with his ‘vanakkam’, ‘paadal’ ‘neyar’ etc has been doing the maximum damage. Surprised that nobody seems to correct him. If he continues, we can be sure that Badaga will vanish for ever – Wg Cdr JP


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