Want to listen to some nice Badaga songs as you browse….

1.Nadukattuna – A love song on a  cheerful note.Your heart will beat faster listening to this love song..ah..ah

2.Moga Nodi – A sad but very melodious song of separated lovers

3.Neneppella – Another beautiful love song

(unfortunately, I do not know the names of the singers who deserve to be quoted. will somebody help please?)

4.Manessella – A beautiful song by Dr.Selvaraj that captures the ‘Badaga’ life now in the blue mountains


4 responses to “Want to listen to some nice Badaga songs as you browse….

  1. sureshjoghee

    Nice to listen to Badaga songs


  2. sathishjoghee@gmail.com

    Lovely songs….I am miles away from my family and friends, When I listened to these songs really I had a feeling that I was at home…good job…


  3. Can u send this song to my mail id saranam saranam guruvea ninna pathaka saranam guruvea

    Will do when I get the song – Wg Cdr JP


  4. Nice songs, when I hear these songs, feel my whole life history and peace.Thanks for up dating the songs, expecting more songs


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