Dr. Prakash Krishnan from KURUTHUKULLI writes…

Dear Mr. Jayaprakash, First of all I would like to thank you for gifting such a wonderful and informative BADAGA website on the Internet. I really appreciate your efforts and interest in the era when everybody busy with their own machinery life. The site provides many useful information which is need of the hour. The Badaga culture will be remain in the heart of the young ones when not may elders now convey the message at this juncture. I really thank your efforts to put in all together for the betterment and future of the Baduga community.

…… The purpose of this mail was to thank you and also to tell you that there is a tremendous potential in the agricultural crops, especially the one which our Baduga people work on. I wanted to tell you that I have worked on a few plants (Rubiaceae and Violaceae) collected from my home village, Kuruthukulli. The purpose was to check the potential of the collected plants for its pharmaceutical and other biological activities. What I found and observed was amazing, the plant(s) I collected from crops of Kuruthukulli village got a remarkable bio-control and pharmaceutical property. This I published in various INTERNATIONAL/NATIONAL Journals which is now available over the Internet. I am sending you the article/research papers as well for your glance. This I want to inform you that we baduga people are dealing with the Gold back there in our crops.

My efforts are to go ahead and explore more plants from all the baduga villages and extract the potentiality of the plants.

I hope you find my mail and articles published relevant in any manner. You may consider my mail as an information of what we are having in our crops.

Thanking you once again.

Truly yours,
Dr. Prakash Krishnan.
[29 years, working as a Senior Research Fellow in North Maharashtra University]
Dept. of Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences, North Maharashtra University,
Po.B No.80, Jalgaon, Maharashtra-425 001
[ Phone:- 09823 109 109]

Dr.Prakash, thanks a ton for your kind words about this website and the info on crops. Hope, many of our friends will find it interesting and informative apart from educative. I will be in touch with you – Wg Cdr JP


2 responses to “Dr. Prakash Krishnan from KURUTHUKULLI writes…

  1. Thats quite an information Dr.Prakash. Its high time we bring some revolution in our agricultural pattern. Cheers.


  2. SLT Deenadayalan

    I am amazed to see this site.For the first time I am seeing this site…I am very glad


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