Gandhiji and Badagas

The more one digs into the ‘history and origin’ of Badagas, there are quite a few interesting and informative episodes. One such incident is when Mahatma Gandhiji spoke to and about Badagas during his historic visit to the Nilgiris in 1934 when he had come to this hill station – our Nakku Betta must have been really beautiful in those days – and stayed at ‘Ram Ashram’ which became Amirthanjan Guest House later [now a private property] Mount Pleasant, Coonoor [ next to Rao Bahadur HB Ari Gowder’s Bungalow ‘Panorama’ which came up in 1948].

Gandhiji in Coonoor 1934

Gandhiji in Coonoor 1934

[It is surprising that still many, including Badagas, are not able to accept the fact that Badagas are an original tribe of the Nilgiris]


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