Badaga in English Script

Badaga in ENGLISH script till a separate and exclusive Badaga Script becomes acceptable and easy to use

Though some friends may feel odd about my adopting an existing Language – English- and adapting it to write in Badaga, for the time being, I will stick to English to express in Badaga (Script).

I have used the excellent [free download] ‘Azhagi’-  transliterate software which when installed, lets you to type in English to convert  the same into Tamil, to show my ‘Badaga in English- Script

The conventions used are;

  1. Capital letter brings out emphasis – like o is just o but O is OH –ஒ ஓ or no is  நொ but nO is நோ
  2. Extra ‘a’ is stretching the word – like kade is கடெ but  kaade is காடெ
  3. Letters which are not in English alphabet but available in Badaga (and Tamil) can be accessed by using the shift key(Capital) – like l is ல but L is ள , n is ந but  N is ண் . zh is ழ
  4. Capital S is ஸ, small s is ச (ch will also brings out ச)

Now some sentences typed in English and what they bring out in Tamil

  • enna heNNU enna kaNNU maakke – என்ன ஹெண்ணு என்ன கண்ணு மாக்கெ- My daughter is like my eyes
  • ELaya nOdi Edasa bE da – ஏளய நோடி ஏடச பேட – Donot ridicule the poor
  • Kalla maaththi kaLLa alla – கல்ல மாத்தி கள்ள அல்ல – Kalla’s son is not a thief.
  • Maadhi mammi madhi kettudhuve – மாதி மம்மி மதி கெட்டுதுவெ – Madhi aunty’s mind is gone
  • KaadE, sattana kadE – காடே , சட்டன கடே – Kaaday, get ready fast.
What do you think? 


One response to “Badaga in English Script

  1. Anandhan Raju

    Badugu has not only a unique phonological structure but also a unique morphological structure and the wealth of spoken literature perhaps not written make it none less than a classical language, as Badugu as it was originally spoken is no longer used in a spoken form. Such a language rightly deserves a writing system exclusively developed for it.


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