When will we get a [Badaga] General, Admiral or Air Chief Marshal?

Having been a defence services officer [ I took voluntary retirement after 20 years of service], I have always nurtured the hope that there will be a General [Army], Admiral [Navy] or Air Chief Marshal [IAF]- the highest rank, from among the Badagas in the not so distant future. Mind you, it takes about 35 years  to reach the top as a commissioned officer.

Kodavas – Coorgis have had many who reached the very top – who can forget Field Marshal Cariappa?

And then, there was an email from shibu khadan who writes to ask “I want to join the defence,so can you give me some tips about ssb(PPDT)..” and hence this post.

Hello Shibu,

Thanks for your email. I am glad to know that you want to join the defence forces. I am giving the link below for career options in Indian Air Force.

Pl do let me know your qualification so that I can give more info.

The basic quality you need to get through in SSB is self confidence. There is a huge shortage of officers, both men and women, in all the three arms of the defence services [Army, Navy and Air Force], so it is not very difficult to get through if you prepare a bit. Go through the SSB guides – plenty available in the book stores.

Pl do not hesitate to contact me for more guidance.

With best wishes,

Wg Cdr JP


One response to “When will we get a [Badaga] General, Admiral or Air Chief Marshal?

  1. Hi Shibu, this is Captain Anand . JP sir is very much correct.SELF CONFIDENCE is the main key to cross SSB .yes a number of books are available in the market,but my suggestion is go for coaching. In coaching center they are giving you a live demo just like as in the SSB and also you can come to know about your weakness so you can improve in that particular section.I had also gone for coaching in Minerva academy in Chandigarh.A short course for 10 days.
    Wish you best of luck.

    Hi Capt.Anand, thanks for the email and nice to hear from you . I agree with you fully. By the way, please send your thoughts about armed forces as I am sure, many Badaga youngsters would like to join the men/women in uniform and do not know how to go about it. Thanks again – Wg Cdr JP


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