Flora and Fauna

It is not well known that Badagas had attached a lot of importance to flora and fauna.

In fact most of the names of Badaga Hattis (Villages) are based on ‘Nature’.

For example , the name ‘ Hubbathalai ‘ ( a village near Aravankadu Railway Station) is based on a plant ‘HUBBE THALE ‘ or ‘ Bikka mora hatti ‘ (another village) gets the name after the tree BIKKE (a kind of olive?) MORA (tree)

Bird or Flower ??


[The beautiful flower bird]

Badaga folklore is full of glory about Nature and their home land the Nilgiri Hills are endowed with rich flora and fauna, a true gift of mother NATURE. Of the many wild flowers, this particular one which grows on a short  trees near many villages, has always fascinated me. It appears that mother Nature created a bird as a flower….or… is it, a flower as a bird ? !



[‘ A miniature pet ‘]

Another instance of Nature at its best. A catterpillar [-‘Kambli Poochi’] at our residence at Coonoor. The day after I took this snap, I was desperately trying to locate it again, but……it has just vanished !!

Another catterpillar -I call it ‘Lioness’ – captured in May 2011 at Coonoor

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