Anandan Raju who had created a Badaga Script writes :
Dear Wg Cdr JP, I take great pleasure in announcing that I have written and published a grammar book entitled 
“A Descriptive English Grammar”. 

Rajesh Bojan, M.A.,M.Phil. [ rajeshbojan@gmail.com] 
Editor-in-Chief, The Dawn Journal (DJ),
Assistant Professor and Head Department of English,Dr. R. V. Arts and Science College
Mettupalayam Main Road, Karamadai Coimbatore – 641 104

Dear Sir,
I have started a new online journal “The Dawn Journal” on Tribal Studies. Access to the journal is available at: www.thedawnjournal.com
Further details can be found at the website of The Dawn Journal (DJ).
It would be helpful if you could spread this news to our community and encourage good writers to contribute their works for publication in The Dawn Journal (DJ).


Anand Ramachandran writes :

Lakshmi Ram (Kannan) a badaga from muttinadu village is the first actor,director and co-producer in tamil film ‘MAAYAI’ which is to be released soon.let us support for the success of the film and for a bright future

Chandra sekar Dharmen – Hulical Village [email :cdharmen@gmail.com] writes :
Dear Wg cdr. Jaypee,
I am pursuing my Doctoral research in the field of Information and Communication Technology, and wish to know the impact of the same amongst those who live in the hill area of the Nilgiris with special reference to the Badaga community.
I want the questionnaire filled by badagas who live in the Nilgiris and have family/ relatives outside Nilgiris.Could you help me to get in touch with them preferably by e-mail through your website.Or you could post my request on your website and ask them to e-mail the questionnaire back to me.Please find the attached questionnaire – here
Chandra Sekar.D
Head, Department of Visual Communication & Electronic Media
PSG College of Arts& Science

2 responses to “Titbits

  1. Good bless you. Best wishes to you all with this web site. I am a teacher from International school situated at hill top and with beautiful nature of Badaga people but I have lot of misfortunes among our people. I feel we don’t have unity at present, no helping tendency;lot of cheating is going on in and around Coimbatore. We have lot things to frame into. I am ready to do it. But I need real support of youngsters , I am thinking about solid construction of our community.

    Mr.Gowder, I can understand your frustration. I am saddened by the doings of some Badagas in and around Coimbatore, Tirupur, Karamadai and Mettupalayam who call themselves ‘mediators’ [brokers]. I was shocked to learn from a reliable Badaga source that some youngsters from the community are involved in ‘human’ trafficking of girls from the Nilgiris in Tirupur. – Wg Cdr JP


  2. I will always do the needful .Thank you for this opportunity.


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