JP’s other — ‘Badaga’ websites

One of the complaints I hear from our friends visiting is that it takes ages to fully display all the contents. This is because, there are many multimedia posts like songs, pictures, animations etc.To overcome this drawback I have developed another set of websites  that can load faster. Like for example, what you see in the ‘home’ page of this site can be seen with alot of animation in

The most popular page ‘BADAGA SONGS ON THE WEB’ is made into a separate website “Badaga Songs on the web”where you can listen to ‘Badaga Music’ without leaving the page.

A partial list of new weblogs are

Badaga Wedding in pictures

Badagas- General

Badaga Songs on the WEB

Badaga Rare Photos

Badagas who made a difference

Badaga Jewellery

Badaga recipes…..

Badaga Funeral Rites

Badaga Songs

Hethay Amma History

Badaga Language

Badaga Villages


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