Where are we heading to?

Badagas taking out a procession in Ooty on Saturday. Photo:M . Sathyamoorthy  – Badagas taking out a procession in Ooty on Saturday. Photo:M.Sathyamoorthy [The Hindu]

“Rally Against Govt Employee’s ‘Conversion Bid’  [News report in outlookindia.com – Jan 08, 2012]
About 2,000 people today took out a procession here today demanding action against a government polytechnic lecturer accusing him of attempting to convert the locals to Christianity.

The people of B Manihatty village and surrounding localities dominated by Badaga community, a tribal community of the Nilgiris District, submitted a memorandum to the District Collector demanding action against lecturer Moorthy, who had recently converted to Christianity, police said.The villagers had yesterday ransacked the house and burnt the belongings of Moorthy protesting against his plans to build a prayer hall after obtaining permission for constructing a residential premises. More than 100 villagers were arrested in connection with the violence.

The memorandum also demanded a departmental inquiry and transfer of the district Superintendent of Police, accusing him of ‘functioning’ against the villagers.

More than 500 police personnel have been deployed in the town as a precautionary measure in view of the rally taken out today.”

This is a classical example of how one person can vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of a Badaga Village. Is this the fault of the individual who has turned a ‘betrayer’ of the community he was born in or the general trend in every hatti where there is no cooperation and unity among the villagers who are constantly at each other’s throat – like what we have witnessed in Nanjanadu recently?

7 responses to “Where are we heading to?

  1. Any one can convert form his religion to any other religion that is his rights.
    This badaga community is now fully loaded with lots of superstitious belief as it was not there in the earlier days.,.. they are not to reality.
    if they believe their God hettai amman then why there are some many vinayagar raman saibaba etc ………temples in each hatti. I think this is the reason for people to convert to another religion..
    This religion has to follow its own tradition,,,


    • Hi Bharath ….yes , Hethai Amman is our community god , but the reason of having many gods in each village like Ranganathar, Vinayagar etc is because of kula deivam , etc which is being followed by our ancestors …correct …But yes God is one.


  2. Moghan Mathiah

    We strongly condom the false report of all news papers and new media. The belonging of Moorthy had been set on fire by police personnals. Please see the visuals /video clips uploaded by MR.Bojan in Youtube. One of the person who had captured the entire video recording of police burning the articles was also arrested and lodged in CBE Prison. His camera phone had been snatched and destroyed by the police. I , Moghan , along with advocate Ravi, MLA Buthychandran were in the jail to meet the 18 people from Manihatty on Sunday. As per the information that the entire police action was a set up and sponsored by Moorthy and associates. Please note that it seems a huge organisation is behind Moorthy to continue doing all non sense in Badaga Villages. Please unite and fight to defeat these ill conceived criminals emotionally and legally.


    • Moghan Mathiah

      Also see in Badaga group in Face book, video clip uploaded by Mr.Jega nathan


      • mlle_sumathi

        Hi Moghan,

        I watched the clip. It is really sad to see the police treat the young school girls and women in such inhuman manner.


  3. mlle_sumathi

    Very sad to read this article at the onset of a new year !!


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