Our hearts bleed for the ‘brave hearts’ of B.Manihatti .

The first conversion of Badagas to Christianity took place in 1854 when some German missionaries mislead a couple of Badagas in Ketti (Santhoor) with the lure of monetary compensation and false promise of ‘education’ for the children. The seeds of disharmony among these peace loving and innocent people who believed in unity and community living (all the hatti people acted as one) were sown.

Unfortunately, the biggest curse of our people is the disunity combined with jealousy, that is all pervasive. The so called leaders of the community found shelter in politics and corruption with the active support of ‘self appointed Gowdas’ who could be ‘purchased’.

The saddest point is that we do not have a selfless Nakku Betta leader after Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder [who passed away in 1971] who can galvanise our people with true leadership qualities.

This is Hethe Habba time. The ALL Mighty Mother Goddess Hethe has saved us from many a disaster. SHE will save us this time also. Let us be united.


Mani.B writes : Welcome to my village ( BERAGANI )  HETHAI HABBA

MSK writes : Welcome to my village ( NUNTHALA ) HETHAI HABBA


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  1. Dinesh Karimora

    Happy Hetahi habba to all, Going to Beragani after 3 years , very happy. Let hethai amma bless all our badaga people. Lets be united. No more conversion from now.


  2. Happy Hethai Habba 🙂 We come every year, but this year none of us could go there, due to some health issues for my Dad. My husband said he prayed to Hethai amma to Marry me, and next year after we got married, we came there to pay our gratitude. I wish Eera Maasi will welcome us all for next year’s feast and celebration 🙂


  3. mlle_sumathi

    Happy Hetthai Habba to all . I am surely going to miss the sheer joy of being in an ocean of white and the pleasure of enjoying the yummy….paruva koo. 🙂


  4. Usha Nandhini

    Hethai Habba is one of the most celebrated festivals among Badagas… its not colourful..,its full white…Hethai habba rocks…


  5. Welcome to my village ( NUNTHALA ) HETHAI HABBA

    Thanking you


  6. Welcome to my village ( BERAGANI ) HETHAI HABBA

    Thanking you


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