The following have been taken [cut and pasted from – Facebook – Badaga Group] and reproduced below as I consider the ‘conversion game’ played by the  ‘newly converted Christian Clan’ needs to be analysed and nipped in the ‘bud’ as the situation after what happened in B.Manihatti is very serious.

Bellie Jayaprakash         6:57pm Jan 11
Our hearts bleed for the ‘brave hearts’ of B.Manihatti people.The first conversion of Badagas to Christianity took place in 1854 when some German missionaries mislead a couple of Badagas in Ketti (Santhoor) with the lure of monetary compensation and false promise of ‘education’ for the children. The seeds of disharmony among these peace loving and innocent people who believed in unity and community living (all the hatti people acted as one) were sown.

Unfortunately, the biggest curse of our people is the disunity combined with jealousy, that is all pervasive. The so called leaders of the community found shelter in politics and corruption with the active support of ‘self appointed Gowdas’ who could be ‘purchased’. The saddest point is that we do not have a selfless Nakku Betta leader after Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder [who passed away in 1971] who can galvanise our people with true leadership qualities.

This is Hethe Habba time. The ALL Mighty Mother Goddess Hethe has saved us from many a disaster. SHE will save us this time also.

Let us be united. In UNITY lies our STRENGTH.

Sathish Krishnan            7:02pm Jan 11
IN UNITY LIES OUR STRENGTH !!! I second you Sir.
Padmanabhan Ramachandran
Padmanabhan Ramachandran        7:50pm Jan 11

It is fair to say, there were excellent community leaders till the 1970s. Along with the father-son duo Bellie Gowder and Ari Gowder, there were also stalwarts like Bygamund Haika-mathi Joghee Gowder, Achanakal M Malka Gowder, and much before all of them there was Thuneri headman Padharaja III. Later there were several leaders who were freedom-fighters and selfless servants of Badaga Community.

Unfortunately, although unintentional, all the reforms that the early leaders carried out for the Badagas, resulted in Badagas abandoning their age-old occupation of agriculture and cattle and pursuing greener pastures in urban and faraway places. Resulting in a dearth of leaders amongst our community in our homeland. What we are left with is a bunch of selfish crooks in the garb of leaders.

Education certainly was essential but education should have been only complementary and for the enhancement of our own way of life. Like how Shiv Khera says, ‘successful people dont do different things, they do things differently’.

Nagulan Joghee        8:02pm Jan 11
We feel and share your concern JP.. The leadership vacuum is a very big issue.. there is politics everywhere and in everything.. fuelled by unmatched egotism… still hope some good sense prevail and unity will emerge.. let us all try for that.. I heard that the arrested people were released today on conditional bail ( they must stay in Ooty) and they are all staying in ooty ( in one rented place) and plan to continue till the next hearing with hopes.. Collective voice is the need of the hour…

To add to @[1485064168:2048:Bellie...Prawin RamBhojan       8:19pm Jan 12

To add to Bellie Jayaprakash from the archives of TOI

Christian missionary efforts at conversion under the guise of social work do not take place in places, say, like the Brahmin-dominated ward of Mylapore in Chennai. They are conducted in poor, illiterate and innocent tribal areas and in remote jungles far from the prying eyes of authority. Now a reaction seems to have set in. Writing in The Statesman (March 12, 1999), Mr B P Saha made the point that “growing enlightenment has been provoking them (tribals) to dislike conversion and look askance at the foreign missionaries, the so-called benefactors”.

Attempts at conversion should be considered a mortal assault on local cultures and should be totally banned. Conversions are forbidden by law in China. Here we take a lenient view of conversion and Christian bodies have been taking advantage of the Hindu sense of tolerance. According to Mr Jon Stock, New Delhi correspondent of the British paper The Daily Telegraph, “put simply, the Indian subcontinent has become the principal target for a wide range of western Christian missions which are determined to spread the gospel to India’s ‘unreached’ people before the year 2000”.

Writing in The Spectator, Mr Stock says: “There is little doubt that the current communal tension in India would not be serious if foreign-funded missionaries had been content with giving Indians the choice of Christianity and left it at that.”

According to Mr Stock, “hundreds of thousands of dollars are being channelled into India through well-organised, America-based evangelical missions”, the meticulously researched ethnographic data they are compiling on the region ensuring that funds are being directed “with military precision to the right area, even to specific pin codes in remote tribal districts”.

Mr Stock quoted a statement from a Colorado-based Group of World- wide Christian Missions calling itself AD 2000 and Beyond as saying: ” ‘Flashes of light’ seen all around the North India-Hindu belt, particularly among the tribal groups, are encouraging us to believe that the Sum of Righteousness is indeed ready to rise upon these unreached peoples.”


One response to “In UNITY lies our STRENGTH

  1. JP Sir,

    It’s good and interesting to note the highlights of Badaga culture and traditions being highlighted and depicted rightly in your blog.
    But, hate speeches against beliefs in religion is deeply hurting and would destroy love in the community. Since all the communities in the world have people who different religion and why not the freedom of religion to practice among Badagas. There are so many Badagas around the world who are following christianity and living peacefully and happily too speaking Badaga language at home and practicing the Badaga culture.
    It’s disgusting to observe that even educated Badagas like you are creating hatred rather than bringing in peace and hurting our own community for their difference in beliefs.

    If you oppose to them practicing another religion in the hatti, you could tell them politely to move outside the hatti and practice according to their beliefs. If they don’t listen, we could ask our leaders to make the move and then inform the police. In which case, the police would handle it rightly since the present CM is in favour of Badagas too with our own MLA.

    But, to beat up our own Badaga people especially the old and ransack their house and destroy their savings and materials brings shame and curse from God of the Universe on all of them involved and infact would all of the children for generations!



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