A letter from Renuka Girish [Bangalore]

Dear Sir,
I found your site very interesting.  And I am very much interested in learning Badaga language and culture, please do send me the updates of the same. I came to know about Badagas only a few months back from one of my colleague who is from Kotagiri. And would love to see your Hethe Habba, once possible.
Renuka, [a fashion designer settled in Bangalore].
Hello Renuka, Thanks for your comments. There are no books, so far and to my knowledge, to learn Badaga. However, if you go through the many links I have given, including the one on Badaga Language, may be that would help. If you know Kannada, then it is much easier. Hethe Habba was just over. You are most welcome to come and see Hethe Habba which will fall in Dec 2012 or Jan 2013. With best wishes – Wg Cdr JP

One response to “A letter from Renuka Girish [Bangalore]

  1. i am very happy that a person is interest to learn badaga language


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