Badagas in Majestic Madurai

Raghu Joghee (Photo Journalist with Dinamalar) published this in Facebook – Badagas Group.

My (Wg Cdr JP) take on this :

Great to see the photos with all the participants [excepting, sadly, the hormonium player] in traditional badaga dress. The ladies look very gracious with chinnadha geray (border) mundu – thundu [without thankfully a red ribbon on the pattu and as ‘satta’].
Why are we still blindly accepting [and feeding the journos] that we have migrated from Mysore during Vijayanagara Empire? At best, this ‘twisted’ tale of history is the perception of few historians including a neo lot of Badaga authors. What we know about Badaga Origin is very limited. I claim without hesitation that we are one of the original inhabitants of the Nilgiris.
I can ‘see’ some self styled ‘Badaga’ champions questioning me – ‘what proof do you have?’.

See my detailed disclosure in


2 responses to “Badagas in Majestic Madurai

  1. I have not seen such a person with so much of musical intelligence.. He is blessed with so much of talents.. You are making our community proud….. MBG Compound Kenthala is a great fan of yours…



    What a great singer. My family is the fan of the cute young singer.No words to praise him.


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