Welcome to the wonderful world of Badagas

Hello JP….I am Magesh Hirian from Kettti Acchanakkal (live in the USA now)…….I am a very proud Badaga and and a great admirer of our heritage and culture….. I am completely blown away with this website. Please keep up the good work. This is awesome!! love it.. na endhu enna Hethai Ammana mathi..

Hello Magesh Hiria, Thanks a lot. If my interest and passion in maintaining the websites on Badaga have not diminished even a tiny bit, it is only due to the encouraging words from friends like you. Even after more than 208,000 visits/hits, it is highly heartening to see and welcome NEW visitors.

As I have mentioned a lot of times in these websites, we are lucky to have been born as Badagas in this great Bharat nation. There are so many fantastic social customs/systems like community living [hatti based], no dowry, divorce without any discrimination, widow remarriage, all villagers taking responsibility for the cost and conducting rites of death/funeral that may occur in any part of the ‘world’ -when the body is brought back to the village, etc etc. The legendary Badaga hospitality has been accepted by no less than the world body UNO.

But as said earlier, what we know about Badaga – both language and people, is less than what we do not know about them. Let us put our heads together to bring out the great history of Badaga in all its glory and be an example of what a community should be, even with our short comings.

Hethai, ellagu, olagodha elli iddhalayu Naalu,kodali – Wg Cdr JP


2 responses to “Welcome to the wonderful world of Badagas

  1. Dr Raman Sivakumar

    Good work keep up the unity BESATHA Dr Siva Canada


  2. mlle_sumathi

    It is so true JP uncle. What we know is so little about our community , more so with people who are born and brought up in towns. Thanks to our website , we can still learn a lot and keep ourselves updated .

    I love this phrase <>


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