Dr.Haldorai, a Badaga who has authored many books on Badaga


In our eagerness to know about ourselves [Badagas], many times, we highlight the work done by other researchers from abroad and tend to forget our own Badaga scholars who have done a lot on EVERY THING BADAGA.

One such scholar is Dr.Haldorai from Kiya Cowhatty. Though I have heard about him, I could not get to read any one of his books [there are many in English and Tamil] till recently. Saravana Raju of Karimora, a gifted and talented youngster with great many original ideas,got me many of his books.

Though I have had a cursory glance at his books, I am yet to make a detailed study. But one thing I am sure about. We may or may not  agree with all his views and interpretations but definitely, cannot ignore them.

He has been kind enough to respond to my emails and sent me a few exclusive articles and I have great pleasure in putting them up [uncensored] in this page. Yes, I feel he deserves a page for himself.

I will be adding more info in future.

Take a look on Dr.R.K.HALDORAI M.O.L., M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D, here


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