Badagas who make us proud

The World at Your Feet is a celebration of the richness and variety of  [U.K] Plymouth’s history and its role in relation to migration to other parts of the world.

“An interview with Vinitha Rajkumar the owner and founder of Rhythm Indian school of dance, Giving us information about her migration story and the part she plays in The World At Your Feet project here in Plymouth”.

Wg.Cdr JP adds :Vinitha Rajkumar, a Badaga, is married to Dr.Rajkumar Krishnan (Naihatty), daughter of (late) Mrs.Menaka (Hubbathalai) and Dr.K.M.Raju (Kerkandi,Kekkatti) and grand daughter of Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder, sister of Dr.Vivek Raju (South Africa) and Vinod Raju (Coonoor) and also my niece.

We are proud of you Vinitha!



One response to “Badagas who make us proud

  1. mlle_sumathi

    Vinitha, Hats off for the great work you are doing. Given that not many badaga girls get a chance to learn Bharatnatyam in our own land , you are doing wonderful service in an alien land. Amazing !


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