Gone but not forgotten

You were everything for us for all those glorious 99 years and 10 months.

When we were preparing to celebrate the ‘century’, you chose to leave this earth just a couple of months earlier ….. to bless us all from the heaven far above.

Elle idhale’yu engava harachu

[Bless us all from where ever you are]

First Death Anniversary (13-7-2012)

Idyammal Bellie Gowder
Born September 05, 1912
Hubbathalai, The Nilgiris
Died July 13, 2011 (aged 99)
Parents Rao Bahadue HJ Bellie Gowder and Nanji Hethe
Sister of Rao Bahadur HB Ari Gowder
Spouse B.K.Bellie Gowder [Bearhatti]

MOM 5.jpg

[Autographed pencil sketch of Mom by JP in 1964 while she was reading Femina ]

“I know my mother looks much older than what she is but those wrinkles have the charm of their own. They indicate the signs of her great endurance; and the hard life she has to lead through to bring her children to lead a life that is respected and regarded by others” – JP 24-1-68

Dear Hands

[Grace Noll Crowell]

My mother’s hands were beautiful,
They are not always smooth and white
They were so busy making dull
And lusterless things clean and bright.

They reached so often to caress
A hurt child crying in the night
They moved as quick as fluttering birds
Among the cups and spoons at tea

They did a thousand lovely things
And did them all so graciously
There is no way to sum them up
The countless things she did for us.

[photo of  Idy Hethe’s hand by her grandson Abhi Ari -2010]

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One response to “Gone but not forgotten

  1. Indu K. Mallah

    Evoked painful,but precious memories of my only, unique, paternal aunt, who was a role model in courage and endurance. We shared a special bond which lasted to the end. She blessed everyone from the bottom of her heart, and was a fulsome wellspring of gava.


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