Traditions kept alive by these brave Badaga ladies

What is extremely gratifying and gives a lot of happiness is see some brave – hearts Badaga ladies wearing traditional Badaga Jewellery. One such lady is Subbi Hethe of Thogalatty [near Kattabettu] with the mookkuthi and kivi chinna [read all about Badaga Jewellery here]. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Honneri a couple of days back..

Thank you, Subbi Hethe


One response to “Traditions kept alive by these brave Badaga ladies

  1. mlle_sumathi

    Well, I hope the jewellers do continue to make them and I am for sure determined to buy a set of them all next time I am home . You never realize the worth of your country, culture and community until you are far away , sad but true I


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