It is with deep regret we announce the demise of the First Badaga woman graduate

Member of Parliament [1962-1967]

Mrs. Akkama Devi



(wife of Late H.B.Joghee Gowder)

sister in law of Rao Bahadur H.B.Ari Gowder
daughter in law of Rao Bahadur H.J. Bellie Gowder


2 responses to “R.I.P

  1. kethorai Rajma

    please accept my condolences for the sudden demise of Smt.Akkama Devi. She had been the pride of Badaga community. A worthy woman who could be remembered always by all.

    The measure of a life well lived is not in how much money one has or what possession they have accumulated, but rather through the lives they touched and the sorrow they leave behind.

    Her life is well lived and meaningful. May her great and noble soul rest in peace.


  2. Hariharan Emerald Bhojan

    My deepest condolences. God bless.


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