The ‘Warisu’ card …..

It is unfortunate but true. There are still a lot of ‘greedy’ Badagas who feel that ‘all  property’ should go ONLY to a son / sons and and not to the daughter/daughters. These people, many of them- ‘educated idiots’ of both genders, would justify their claim and contention by saying only a son CAN be warisu or heir. Needless to say, they are living in an ancient  world [when, in a  Badaga Family], girls were NOT treated as EQUALS  and like in any other Indian Community, they were sort of discriminated.

This flawed thinking is very much against the rule of the land. The Indian constitution and present rules and regulations ensure that GIRLS GET EQUAL SHARE of the properties of their parents and ancestors [as BOYS]. Any discrimination in this respect is a criminal offence punishable under law.

But still many ‘self appointed’ and hapless  Badaga kap leaders and Gowdas, live under a false notion that all property is for males only. This cancerous notion which is destroying the  harmonious Badaga family system needs to be cut and CUT NOW. Unfortunately, the people mainly responsible for this ‘cancer’, you guessed it, are females – wives,mothers and grand mothers with ulterior motives.

It is high time we start treating this cancer of Warisu with all the contempt it deserves and cut it off before it destroys the very fabric that is  uniting the community.

More, with many examples, will follow….


2 responses to “The ‘Warisu’ card …..

  1. kethorai rajma

    Well said JP. Badaga women are kind hearted, too good and generous in this regard. They say ” Nanga annathamma thane..enaga sundai…Avakka ollengei erale” This goodness of theirs is simply exploited. On the other side the daughters who are really in need of the fathers’ property are ignorant. Seeking the help of Law is a himalayan task for them. The change has to come. Automatic division of the property to sons and daughters should become a regular practice in all hattis of ours. Woman as a mother is glorified. But when the issue of property comes every thing turns topsy-turvy (ulta ).

    Female has male in her.
    Woman has man in her.
    Lady has lad in her.
    Mrs has Mr in her.
    Madam has Adam in her.
    Woman/daughter is not inferior in any way. Daughters of Blue Mountain..Wake up..It is high time…!
    Kethorai Rajma


  2. Murugesh Halan

    I wonder who this Gentlemen is. Please do not get into all the systems. certain things need to be accepted as it is. Give women better things. Women are getting better things (I agree not everybody) Ask yourself why a women is not the head of the family / village. Why women not performing pooja in temple. There are many other things also. Requesting to contemplate

    If you do not know who this gentleman is…..keep looking. MH , are you not behaving like a MCP? My only suggestion is, keep an open mind and ‘look beyond what you see’ or remain blind to half the world. – Wg Cdr JP


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