Celebrating a Century!

A century is always a time for celebration in any field, specially so when it relates to age.

Having lost my mother at the age of 99 years and 10 months, I know how it feels to have a dear and near one to reach that ‘land mark’.

Wishing a long life to B.Mani Hatti Sivama Hethai’, we bow our heads and  seek her blessings,

 “Hethey, Engava Harachu

Photo and info courtesy – Hariharan Emerald Bhojan in FB
You are already a blessed man JP anna. Im sure...
Hariharan Emerald Bhojan
You are already a blessed man JP anna. Im sure my Hethai’s blessings are with you, no doubt. She is the one who told me tales of your beloved uncle and the undisputed hero of Badugaru, H.B.Ari Gowder. Old is gold !

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