By educating a girl, we can educate an entire community!

As a matter of principle, we do not endorse or give info about appeals for donations for the simple reason that we are not in a position to verify and check the genuineness or otherwise of these appeals.
But, an exception is made in the appeal made by Hariharan Emerald Bhojan [though I have never met him]  since I believe that he is doing something really good.
I strongly believe that ‘education‘ can be a very effective panacea for all evils’

Wg Cdr JP

Dear Friends,

Here is an appeal…

Our recent trip to Mel Seemey on 9th & 10th Dec 2012 was very fruitful and was an occasion to introspect on the message of life. God has given everybody a job to fulfill before he takes us away. Some of us realise it, some of us don’t. But, it is never too late to question ourselves and our existence on earth.

At BMS, all our core members have joined together with a single agenda, an agenda to improve the lives of the most poorer and deserving section of our Community since we all are Hethappa Makka, the children of our Ayya & Hetthe. Helping our own people firstly gives us a sense of fulfillment and a purpose to live.

On those lines, we have identified 5 deserving candidates who come from varied backgrounds.

1) N.Sukanya, Female, 21, Married, 2 Children, Daily wages Labourer, Mel Seemey Hosahatty, completed +2 with 732 marks. She is interested in being a staff nurse.

2) N.Roja, Female, 19, Married, 1 Child, Daily wages Labourer, Mel Seemey Hosahatty, completed 10th with 397 marks. She is interested in pursuing a diploma in Engineering.

3) K.Vijayalakshmi, Female, 18 Yrs, single, working in a textile mill as a daily wages labourer, Mel Seemey Hosahatty, completed 10th with 326 marks. She is interested in joining +2 or pursue diploma in Engineering.

4) K.Nandagopal, Male, 19 Yrs, single, studying 2nd Yr B.Sc Comp.Sci at Stahyamangalam, Mel Seemey Hosahatty, sold his government given laptop to fund his 1st year fees. The 2nd year fees is in question, banks are unwilling to give loans due to agricultural defaults earlier, dad is planning to sell 1 acre of his land if he can’t get through any reliable source of funds.

5) A.Ashok, Male, 19 Yrs, single, working as a waiter in a restaurant, Punajanur Badaga Village in Karnataka, passed 10th std with 274 marks. He would like to join a course in catering.

BMS is determined to fund all their studies and bring a change in their lives. We have started a fund, details given below, for funding the same.

A/c No: 005400101020463
IFSC: CORP0000054

We request all members to donate liberally for the well being of our own brothers and sisters at Mel Seemey.

Nanga Hetthappana punniya nanga ellagoo serali, aaru seemeyu singara hagali!

Team BMS.


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