Badaga Language

Badaga Bashay

Recently, I was travelling by a taxi from Coonoor to the plains owned and operated by a Badaga youngster. Badaga music – mostly dance numbers was part of the journey. But what shocked me is a number ín which the lyrics go like this – ‘nee jalli kattu kaaley [ ஜல்லி கட்டு காளை]  edhaga, thulli [துள்ளி] guththu bandarey….’Badaga or Tamil song ? Song writes and music directors, will you preserve the uniqueness of our great language? I feel strongly that we must start saying – BADAGA KADHEY instead of BADAGA PAATTU.

One response to “Badaga Language

  1. gopalakrishnan

    why these guys who write the lyrics becoming worse these days..


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