Badaga Weddings

Badaga customs and traditions are known for their simplicity, adaptability and practicality. In this respect a Badaga wedding follows a set of simple rules that has been almost the same over the centuries. But for a minor change here and there, it has been almost the same in all the villages spread across the Nakku Betta or the Nilgiri Hills.
The greatest plus points of a Badaga marriage are that there is NO DOWRY, the wedding always takes place in the boy’s (bride groom’s) house [or the place of his choice in case of a Kalyana Mandapam /Hotel] and all the wedding expenses including the customary feast [Maduve Hittu] of only vegetarian dishes, are borne by the groom’s family.
Incidentally, divorce and remarriges are not uncommon and a widow is not condemned for ever like in most of the Hindu communities and in many cases the widow can marry again even if she has children from her earlier marriage.

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See a typical Badaga wedding in pictures here

4 responses to “Badaga Weddings

  1. I just wanted to say that our culture is one of the best, but the saddest thing is we are not proud enough to hurt others feelings when it comes to opposing the fact that a thing called LOVE exists between people.The caste or community is much important for us, the same way is theirs for others. Intercaste marriage doesnt spoil anything, infact the true fact is we fear that whether if a marriage happens that way either of our culture or rituals gets faded off.

    But people must understand that this is a life culture, society and whatever that is not dependent on when people love. I guess they dont wantedly love a person of another caste/community, but our elderly people must understand it is life, Life is very short, we all could live happily , with no sin when we could check out and make things happen as their daughter / son wishes. We could forgive and instead not forcefully do things for others sake, which may provide good life for a few, but the rest its namesake. God shall never be with us when our deeds go bad, when doing sin. Please understand. Just my suggestion if any of your relations face the marriage….. through LOVE, kindly arrange it.

    This shall be a greatest blessing!!!


  2. Parameswari Jayaraman

    I am sorry to say this. I strongly object your idea. If intercaste is permitted, it will slowly eat our orginitality. These days many of us are out of our native place to earn our living . this itself has brought a lot of changes in our customs and rituals and more important in our relationship with our hatti people. So, i request you not to implant such ideas in young minds.


  3. The simple rules are fine. We know that there is no restriction in our marriage rituals, of a divorce getting married again nor a widow getting married again even if she has kids… When all the above is possible why cant true love for a person to another even it is out of the community be accepted? … If whatever is said of a true value and from broad mind perspective why cant this be possible


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