‘…aappadhu ella aagindu hogali…’

Have you ever been in such  a hopeless situation when you feel totally helpless and resign to the idea that ‘aappadhu ella aagindu hogali- whatever happens, let it happen’?

Like you are travelling to  Coimbatore to catch a flight, but stuck in a traffic jam near Burliyar or going in the mountain train from Mettupalayam to Ooty but the Engine has oil leak problem and stopped at Hilgrove station??

Or, like in my case, cut off ‘from the [internet] world, because the BSNL telephone connection has gone completely dead for days on end and the Coonoor BSNL can only express their inability [or inefficiency] saying their UG cable has been cut by the contractor while using the JCB for water pipe laying???

And you want to know the latest position and progress about when, if at all, the landline will come out of the death bed. Dial 198. The automatic and interactive complaint booking/status, with so many ‘press 1 for confirmation’, can,  after a frustrating delay, give you the ICE COLD standard reply, ‘the complaint has been already received and the WORK IS UNDER PROGRESS’.

You can’t even scream and let the steam out once you realise that the female on the other end is, well, just a voice from the answering machine.

Well, as I said before, when it becomes inevitable, better to lie low instead of letting the BP go up.


One response to “‘…aappadhu ella aagindu hogali…’

  1. Dear JP,Everything that happens has a reason behind it. Usually we realize it after sometime. Most of the time it is for good. One has to take it in the positive sense. JP and internet are not inseparable. They can be without each other at least once in a blue moon…..It is break..for you ( not commercial break of course..).


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