Thank You, Haldorai (Principal Correspondent, New Indian Express)

R Haldorai, Principal Correspondent, New Indian Express,
[Kammandu Village, Ketti Post, Nilgiris ] writes :

At the outset, I thank the Badagas of the Blue Mountains for uploading Badaga history without changing the traditional nature of our unique community. I like the word “Ari Gowder-undisputed leader of  Badagas”. We need such kind of  leaders now. This reminds me about unwanted events happened in Young Badaga Association recently. We pray to Hethe Amman through the Badagas of the Blue Mountains to give good leaders like Ari Gowder.

It gives me great pleasure and encouragement to receive such comments from the Principal Correspondent of a National Daily. Thank you very much, Mr.Haldorai for the kind words. As I had explained elsewhere, if this website is able to convey the correct information about the Badagas of the Blue Mountains, then, we have truly achieved our aim. Thanks for all the kind words that give real motivation to do more – Wg Cdr JP

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