Do You?

See below the latest response  ‘From the Heart – from Sengamalam  ]

Do you have something to say?… a thought, a feeling , a comment or for that matter anything straight from your heart.

The direction our community is heading towards?
The “MORAY” system that seems to be a hindrance for many marriages to be fixed?
The ‘fight’ over control of YBA?
The UNFAIR treatment still extended to the fairer sex in our community?
The controversy surrounding equality to NATTARU in out hattis?

[Only request is – to follow the secret of  KISS – ‘Keep it SHORT sweety’]

I have added below the contact/comment ‘form’ where you can fill the details and give your thought or feeling …… a free expression. Please keep it short and do not be offensive.

Responses :

From: Sengamalam []

A feeling
Badaga , the innocent soul
Bagaga, the village joy
Badaga, the sweet raga
Badaga, the NA2
Badaga, the badaga dance
Badaga, the best of all……


A thought

1.MORAY should be liberal to some extend.
2.STRONG & GOOD DEDICATED Leader is to be found.
3.All are BADUGAS nobody should be seperated.


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