Nanjanadu Peace Committee

After the sad incident at Nanjanadu – where lives were lost and property looted some sort of ‘peace’ is creeping back.

But, those who were ‘forced’ to flee their homes are yet to return to thier homes.

The good news is that most of the people [both men and women] from both the groups [called A Party – majority & B party – minority] are out on bail with the great efforts of Nanjanadu Peace committee formed by  NELIKOLU Trust  who are are initiators of this peace committee.

The second meeting of Nanjanadu Peace Committee was held at Ooty on 12-4-2014 with Dr.Sundradevan IAS, Mr.Dharuman, Mr.Sivakumar and Dr.Haldorai of Nelikolu Trust in the lead and about 15 odd members drawn from all the Seemays being in attendance.

The great and comforting news is that all those involved in this effort to bring peace NOT only in Nanjanadu but among all Badagas, are non political and have no vested interest or ego hasseles.

But, yes, this is a BIG BUT, unless all the people of Nanjanadu Hatti are not fully involved and come forward to bury the bad memories behind and cooperate wholeheartedly, there cannot be permanent peace.

On behalf of NPC, we make a humble appeal to all in Nanajandu – to forget, forgive and move forward.

Yours is the biggest hatti and we also know you have BIGGER hearts .

May the blessings of Hethe and Hiriodaiya  be with us.

Thank you, Nelikolu Trust for making us believe that we can do something for the community. We TRUST you!


2 responses to “Nanjanadu Peace Committee

  1. Kennedy krishnan

    We have to put a full stop and find a long lasting solution for this I hope with our peace committee we can bring peace by showing our unity.


  2. sekar kumar

    Uttibappana burumalatha,Buttu oppena burumalatha,Adadhey endhu adsabeda. Ella otturimiea ebbadahu; Badagaru maanava kappathevi


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