Prayer to bring Peace at Nanjanadu

As per the resolution passed at the 2nd meeting held at Ooty on 12.04.2014, our members will visit Kadanadu HIRIODAIYYA  Temple seeking forgiveness – on behalf of all – for mistakes committed and unfortunate incidents at Nanjanadu [Thappu Harakke -தப்பு ஹரக்கே]

at around 9 a.m on 21.04.2014.

We humbly request you to join us in this prayer meeting and help us to bring permanent peace and normalcy in Nanjanadu.

Nanjanadu Peace committee

[see the note below for details]




2 responses to “Prayer to bring Peace at Nanjanadu

  1. Kennedy krishnan

    Our peace committee headed by Mr.Sundaradevan ex principal secretary is the right direction at the right time along with Nelikolu trust members and other like minded and service oriented people comprising of Nakku seemai to go to herodaiya temple at Kadanadu is the first step of success.


    • I am, seriously thanking the big hearted people who are trying to bring back peace in Nanjanadu. If they succeed I will be really proud of them. In this situation I don’t want to put any negative words on people of Nanjanadu


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