Shame on us, Nanjanadu

One of the unique customs/rituals/rites that can make Badagas proud is the way, the entire village joins together and conducts the funeral rites. Even if a death has taken place away from the village still, it is ensured that the body [ ‘saavu’ in Badaga] is brought to the native village and a dignified and graceful funeral is conducted by the ENTIRE VILLAGE.

There is even a proverb in Kodagu[Coorgis] – ” Badagana Saavu Chanda, Kodavana mangala Chanda ( Badaga funeral and Kodava marriage are great).

But, in the recent past, the so called majority party of Nanjanadu has the dubious distinction of preventing the minority party [who have been forced to flee their homes as there is no guarantee to their persons and properties] from conducting the funeral of two persons in their own village. One was cremated at Coimbatore and another in Chennai . The relatives had NO CHOICE. Not only that, we also hear that the big vessels/utensils that are used used for preparing ‘hittu- food’ have been looted from the minority common house.

Every Badaga should bend his head in SHAME. More so the villagers of Nanjanadu. Especially belonging to to the majority group who is preventing the minority party from returning to the village.

Every community hall/ grave yard/ cremation ground  belongs to the entire village. It is no body’s private property. It is against law to prevent social events for personal reasons.

Some of those living in Nanjanadu are under the impression that  ‘misguided youth’ can take care of the village and loot at will. Mistaken. If the Police are slow in taking preventing action, it is more due to the compulsions like elections etc. But when the long arms of law strikes, the blow is going to be severe. Remember that.

Remember also, when we say we want PEACE, we want TRUE and Permanent Peace. The peace every Badaga can be proud of.


2 responses to “Shame on us, Nanjanadu

  1. Suresh Kumar

    I agree with what you have written but what’s the solution for the death of two families?

    If it’s happen in your family what’s the decision of yours?

    I understand and share your agony and pain. I am of the opinion that those who were involved in the killing and looting should be severely punished. But, these incidents should not be permitted to be festering wounds affecting all in the hatti as well as all Badagas – JP


  2. kumar bellie

    As you aware an 90 year old Ayya (minority party) died in Coimbatore on 15-04-2014 in his relative’s house.He was not allowed to be cremated in his own village but cremated in Coimbatore. I am ashamed. What a sad incident and what a shameful incident! Anybody to advice them??


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