Lessons from Nanjanadu Crisis – 2

The FIRST LESSON, we suggested, is to treat NATTARU with respect. This is true for all Badaga hattis. But, the sad fact is that Nattaru are treated as SECOND CLASS citizens in the mistaken impression that ‘tradition tells so’.

From our interaction with people belonging to Nanjanadu, this is one of the points that was brought out as the root cause.

It is nobody’s case that Nattaru should be FREELY PERMITTED to participate in all the rituals like AKKI Eththodhu etc against the unwritten rules that are in existence for hundreds if not thousands of years. I am sure the Nattaru in Nanjanadu understand that.

But, generally, there is no restriction that the village temple poojari has to be from a particular family excepting probably in the HETHE GUDI at Beraganni and Peddhuva.

Here, our simple request to both the parties is, please be big hearted and choose a person acceptable to both sides. God, being present in every heart, treats all as equals.

We are aware that the High Court ruling permits both the sides to perform pooja in Nanjanadu. We have to respect the LAW of the land and cannot hide behind pride and petti mindedness and non existant traditions. And at the same time, Minority B Party, please do not make this a prestige issue. EGO and URI are slow killers. Do not succumb to them.

Before we come to the ‘temple & poojari issue’, we must realise that nobody can take ‘law’ into his/her own hands and involve in killing and looting. No tradition permits that.

No set of people, call them nattaru or minority, can be driven out of the village using the brute majority mentality. Those driven away are our own blood and flesh. They have not come from a different planet. The majority party, in the interest of peace and everlasting love, should welcome those who have left the hatti out of fear. Their safety and security should be assured.

SO,PERMIT THE MINORITY PARTY TO RETURN TO THEIR HOMES IMMEDIATELY. And in the event of any death, the common community hall should be made available for the use of all and cannot be kept under lock and key.

So, Lesson #2, is learn to live with different opinions.

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