Nanjanadu – the way forward

There were some strong emails, especially from [supporters of] the larger group expressing dismay and distress that while the expressions of the minority group have found place in the public domains, the real causes and deep rooted  reasons for distrust have not been high lighted.

The truth is that the minority group has expressed their feelings and frustrations openly and publicly whereas the majority group, staying in the hatti, is not forth coming with their views. I understand that some of them did not permit the Peace Committee to see and seek the truth for themselves when they visited Nanjanadu on 12thMay 2014.

The brutal killing of two on 16th Feb 2014 night cannot be condoned and brushed aside. The police, I am sure, are investigating the incident and the guilty will be brought to book. The law will take its own course. The sad fact is that the two lives cannot be brought back. Our hearts go  to the bereaved families.

Similarly, the arson and looting in the aftermath, also should be investigated and the guilty punished.

It is high time, to dig deeper and find out the truth behind the ill feelings that have been allowed to linger on. This may help in resolving the basic but fundamental problems that are affecting not only Nanjanadu but the Badaga Society at large.

A village that was peaceful till 1987 [when a temple was built] was permitted to destroy itself. Was it due to the EGO hassles of a few, from both the parties, who wanted to treat some as second class citizens or resented being treated as unwanted? Or, due to selfish motives of some who in the guise of serving the society, permitted the embers of URI – jealousy-  to keep glowing?

I would like to quote the words of ‘the soon to be Prime Minister’ NarendraModi

This is the right time to look ahead. It is a time to connect with each other. Lets place people over politics, hope over despair, healing over hurting, inclusion over exclusion and development over divisiveness. It is natural for the spirit of bi-partisanship to get temporarily lost in the midst of  emotions but now is the time to move forward ….


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