Nanjanadu Crisis – an open appeal


Nanjanadu crisis that resulted in clashes [in Feb 2014] where two persons lost their lives and large scale arson and looting took place, is a classic example of how a minor spark [ in the garb of who should/should not conduct pooja in the common village temple] can result in a major fire in a peace loving community. The biggest fallout is the loss of trust among close relatives. If bitterness can be smelt and felt, all one has to do is talk to anyone from Nanjanadu /connected with Nanjanadu.

While, we have mentioned the way forward in many posts, a permanent solution is possible, only with the help of the highest authority in the state, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

With her reputation of being a tough administrator, accepted by all as a friend and well wisher of Badagas and most importantly having her ‘second’ home in the Nilgiris [the ONLY native place of Badagas], it should take less than day to solve the problem if the matter is brought to her personal attention.

We appeal to the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, to

1. Order the police to conduct an immediate and fair enquiry and bring the guilty to book.

2. Issue strict instructions for easy and free movements of the minority group and other PEACE lovers, to their damaged houses, tea estates and fields so that day to day life can take place without any hinderance or threat.

3. Last but not the least, give  monetary help from the CM’s funds to the families of the deceased and badly affected persons whose houses are destroyed.

When normalcy is established, let the Hatti People decide, whether they want  GOD to unite them  by conducting common Poojas.


Ex-Hav Sivakumar, Muckimalai writes :
As we know, jealousy and revenge mentality  are basic nature of the human beings…….
My earnest request to  “Aiyyanavakka, Annanavakka” of A Party, loss of two lives cannot be compensated by any means and by anybody. Whole community feels very sad for the incident. But revenge is not a permanent solution.  Please realise that SOME people who are away from village are innocent and also very close and blood relation with you.



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