Nilgiri Mountain Railway

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What a beautiful documentary which offers not only a great visual treat but valuable information about the ‘Toy Train’ – Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Being a native of the Nilgiris and belonging to a family that is deeply involved in the construction of this unique railway system of the world, [my maternal grandfather Hubbathalai Bellie Gowder was involved in the construction and maintenance of this railway line from Mettupalayam to Ooty, till his death in 1935 and later by my uncle, the H.B.Ari Gowder [till  1971] and both of whom were great Badaga Naakku Betta leaders and recognised for their contribution and conferred with the title of RAO BAHADUR by the British], my mind and memories are filled with thrilling thoughts.

Not only that, traveling in this train from Aravankadu to Ooty everyday in 1964-65 while doing PUC in the Govt.Arts College, Ooty, the journey was nothing but a carefree but enjoyable experience of an adolescent in the company of other students and later in 1970-71 as a junior engineer, in the PWD along with other colleagues working in different fields – the travel would steer around with discussions of worldly affairs and politics, the days are still fresh in mind. I remember the  return journey to Ooty from Aravankadu would cost a ‘royal’ sum of Rs.3 for three months in 1964-65 for what was known as student pass.

A must see documentary for all. Hearty congratulations to Mohan Krishnan!

Mohan Krishnan’s film on NMR is commendable and well documented. That it is by a son of the soil makes it all praiseworthy. May other competent sons of the soil go about documenting visually other treasures of the Nilgiri hills. Best wishes

Dharmalingam Venugopal,

Nilgiri Documentation Centre,Kotagiri



One response to “Nilgiri Mountain Railway

  1. Thank you very much sir, for your wonderful words and kind appreciation. Over time I would like to make this into a longer and exhaustive film and I am sure your thoughts will drive me forward


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