Badaga Jewellery

Ravindran Jevanah( writes to ask :-
Ravindran Jevanah's profile photoComing to Jewellery, apart from Chinna, Mookuthi, Belli Ungara, I would like to know about the ‘Cheripenigai and the other broad Belli Bangle which the ladies wear on the lower arms. The Cheripenigai is of two or three designs nowadays we do not see any. Can we have a picture of these if possible?

Please see  Badaga Jewellery and the links given

The gold or silver bangle or rather bracelet around the wrist is known as ‘ KADAGA ‘ or ‘ CHIPPU BAE ‘ and the thick flat armlet just above the elbow is ‘BAE’.

When I took this picture of late Kothiben Hatti Laxmi ‘Karuppi’ Hethai on 09-04-07 and mentioned that the photo had come out well, she mentioned with a great sense of humour, ‘ potto olange bandu ena maaduva, utti enbudhu tha kappu edhaga’ – So what can we do if the photo has come out well, but from birth [I am]  black [colour]’

Thank you Kothiben Karuppi Hethe, it was wonderful meeting you !

– Wg Cdr JP


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