ARI JOGHEE from Bangalore sends this interesting information :-

There are many places in the name of Badaga and all are touching the Western Ghats and ending in Udupi –Mangalore

[For confirmation, please go through Google Map – walking (research on olden days hence walking) direction starting with Ooty or Masnagudi] 

Badaga Bellur, Karnataka
Badaga Yekkar, Karnataka
Badaga, Karnataka
Badagabanangala, Karnataka
Badagakajekar, Karnataka
Badagakaranduru, Karnataka
Badagannur, Karnataka
Badagarahally, Karnataka
Badagarakeri, Karnataka
Badagaulipady, Karnataka
Badagayedapadavu, Karnataka
Badagumane, Belle, Karnataka
Badagumijaru, Karnataka
Badagupet Road, Udupi, Karnataka




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