We are proud of you – Dr.G.N.Devaraj of Kethorai

One of the greatest achievements of Badagas in the last 100 years or so is the importance accorded to Education by  the community. And to a great extent, girl children are encouraged and equal importance given to their education.

And many Badagas have not stopped just with graduation but have gone on to excel in many fields by going in for higher education. One such person who has made us all proud is Dr.G.N.Devaraj.,M.Com.,D.C.S.,M.B.A.,M.Phil.,B.G.L. of Kethorai. Born in 1964, he is the son of late Mr.G.Nanjundan, and Mrs.M.Meenakshi of Naihatty and married to Mrs. D.Selvi.,M.A. of Denalai.

Dr.Devaraj has done stenography in English and Tamil, Commercial Geography, Technical Teachers Course and Secretarial Practice Course. He is presently working in Civil Service Training Institute, Bhavanisagar. Recently [29-03-2015] he has received ‘Doctorate’ from World Classical Tamil University, presented by the Chief Minister of Puduchery. He has authored a book ”Makkal Sevaiyin Magathuvam” (An impact of Social  Service)

We are proud of you Dr.Devaraj of Kethorai!
[Do you know of Badagas who have excelled in any/many field(s)? Please send info with pix for publication in our website – Wg Cdr JP]

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