Kerbetta Madha Gowder – RIP

Kerbet Madha Gowder

He could be distinguished from other Badaga elders from the different and unique way he wore his headgear – Mandarey. It was more like how a Punjabi Sikh would wear his turban.

He was deeply and completely associated with Hethe Temple and Heth Habba. It is well known that he would go to every Badaga Village BY FOOT to inform the hatti about the HETHE HABBA day once the same was decided at the formal meeting every year.

His knowledge on and about Badaga was very deep.

He was very proficient in Arabic language and many muslims desiring to go on Haj would seek his help to learn the basic.

He had accepted my invitation and visited my place exactly eight years back on 16-11-2007.

He had explained the meaning of Karu harachodhu apart from many topics we had discussed about BADAGA.

Kebetta Madha Gowder was a humble but great man. In his own way, he had contributed to upkeep the Badaga Traditions.

He passed away on 17-11-2015. May his soul Rest In Peace.




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