Our Nilgiris’ Emergency Help to Our Chennai

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Namma Chennaikku Namma Nilgirisin Avasara Udhavi

 Our Nilgiris’ Emergency Help to Our Chennai

Climate Change is realty. Chennai ( formerly Madras, the HQ of Madras Presidency) is in distress. We have all had connection with Chennai one way or the other. It is now time to rise up to Chennai in its hour of dire need. Working together is far better than working piecemeal.

The Nilgiris is the only district in the state to share the honour with Chennai of being a capital of the state. For nearly 70 years, from 1870 to 1933, the Nilgiris was the summer capital of Madras state.

The Save Nilgiris Campaign was started in the 1980s to save the Nilgiris. For thirty years it was Chennai and its citizens who supported the Save Nilgiris Campaign. It is now the time to repay the debt of gratitude.

The Nilgiri Documentation Centre has taken an initiative to coordinate all the support from the Nilgiris to the unfortunate brothers and sisters of Chennai.

A help in time is a help indeed. Time is essential. Chennai is starving and shivering. It is our mountain tradition to take to them food and warmth.

All donations in kind and cash are welcome. But it must be useful.

We will collect them at your door step.

Nilgiri can support in several ways- give cash, give teas, give varkies and other confectioneries, give vegetables, give sweets and chocolates, give used and new clothes and finally give love and affection.

For coordination contact 9444365360, 9942545085, 9442791531, 9789927510.

Get into action ! Now !!! Spread the message across the world.


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