Kannerimukku Dhodamanae

LIVING GODS – வாழும் தெய்வங்கள்  – Raghu Joghee in Facebook
doddamane-rgphoto – Raghu Joghee

Doddamanae is the house which is constructed first in a hatty. All the rituals take place over there. The doddamanae in the hatty Kannerimukku which belongs to to Porangadu seemay is believed to be older than 500 years. The present heir to the Doddamanae is Ajjaya(81) and Kadigi Hethae (75) who haven’t renovated the house still and are devotedly believing in rituals and are following them still. They are no less than any god or goddess because of their reknowned devotion. Indeed, they are living gods.


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