Tribute to a great Badaga Leader

Today is HB Ari Gowder’s 125th birth Anniversary

Ari Gowder2

Ari Gowder

He was an undisputed leader of Badagas. It is accepted, with a tinge of sadness that there is no Badaga who has taken his mantle in leading the community even after 47 yrs after his demise in 1971.

Today is HB Ari Gowder’s 125th birth Anniversary. He was the eldest son of Rao Bahadur [Hubbathalai Joghigowder] Bellie Gowder and [Jakkadha] Nanji in 1893.

Apart from being the first Badaga graduate and leading the Indian contingent for the world scouts jamboree in 1932 at Hungary, he brought many far reaching reforms in the Badaga community. He fore saw the importance of equality of women and the education of girl child. He encouraged Badaga girl students to go abroad in 1960s both on student exchange programmes and study tours.

Another great reform he was keen on was, equal share of property to both sons and daughters. This he ensured by setting a personal example and leaving behind a registered Will. His property was equally divided to his daughter in law, two grand daughters and a grand son, accordingly.


Ari Godwer’s family puts on record its deep appreciation and gratitude to NCMS President Mr.L.Kannapiran and other committee members for celebrating the 125th birth anniversary

[See the page on Ari Gowder here]



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2 responses to “Tribute to a great Badaga Leader

  1. Dharmalingam Honorary Director

    Institutions remember their founders when community fail to remember their leaders. How tall, stately, foresightful and second to none our leaders and legislatures were !!! We need to have photo exhibition going around the villages to remind the present generation the glory of our own past . Mrs. Neela is a very Nilgiri consensus person.


  2. Dear Anna,

    Greetings from OOTYFRESH.

    It is our pride to have our Great and Visionary Leader-Late Shri Hubbathalai B Ari Gowder, whose leadership traits may not be there with our other community people.

    His contributions for the developments of our community and district will always be remembered for ever and we also try our bit and put our efforts in a view to pay our tributes to him by following his footsteps.

    With regards.


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