NCMS honours Ari Gowder’s family

Nilgiri Co-operative Marketing Society (NCMS)  was started by HB ARI GOWDER  at Ooty and Mettupalayam to help the farmers of the district to market their produce without middle men about a 90 yrs back. It became one of the best cooperative societies in the country. 


On his 125th birth anniversary, 4th December 2017, NCMS team lead by the Mrs.J.Neela   honoured the members of Ari Gowder family at his bungalow at Mount Pleasant, Coonoor with sweets and shawls [ponnadai]. The team consisted of Mrs.Neela, Mr.Mohanram (Secretary), Mr.Shanavas (General Manager – Business), Mr.Ravi (Head clerk), Mrs.Santhi (Chief Accountant), Mr.Venkatraj, Mrs.Sumathi Devi (Accountants), Mr.Anand, Mr.Gopinath and Mr.Chandran (staff).

Ari Gowder Family (Daughter in law Mrs.Rukmani Bhojraj, grand daughter Mrs.Tara, nephew and husband of Tara, Wing Commander Jayaprakash and great grandson Ari (named afer Ari Gowder)



Ari Gowder family is extremely grateful to the Managing Director and other members for their honour and visit to their house in Coonoor


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