Talented Badagas

There are many Badagas spread around the globe, who are highly talented. Radhakrishna Mathan from Kil Kundha is one such gentleman.

Radhakrishnan (fondly called as MRK), had his schooling at Kil-Kundah  and Coonoor. Graduated from PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore and moved on to Chennai for his post-graduation in Social Work at Madras School of Social Work, a prestigious institution for social work education in South India. He specialized in Personnel Management

Ever since, he has been having a successful career in Human Resource Management field for the past 38 Years.

He owes much to his parents for his upbringing, education and success in his career. He is blessed with a loving wife and two sons and based at Chennai since 2002. 

He was the founding President of Badaga Association, Hosur. Has been an active member in Badagar Welfare Association of Chennai (BWACH) and was the Secretary of the body for 4 years till 2020. He was at the helm of affairs to successfully conduct the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the association in 2019, a landmark event for the pioneering association of our community.

He is very passionate about music of late, started singing on stage. He prefers to sing mostly the numbers by the legendary singer of yester years P.B.Srinivos as his preferred voice. He had also had the opportunity to perform on stage in the presence of the legends, Shri.M.S.Viswanathan and Shri.P.B.Srinivos,  way back in 2007.  His hobbies include drawing and painting.

His long time passion is to recreate some of the popular melodies from Hindi and Tamil film music with lyrics in Baddaga Language purely as an experiment. With this effort he has recently written and sung the song “Ninagagi Naanu, Enagagi Neenu” with  the background of a very popular old Hindi melody which has caught of the attention of music lovers across our community.

Click this link to listen to his song here Nine Gaagi

He can be reached by email at  radsmrk2012@gmail.com  and by mobile at +919840197788


One response to “Talented Badagas

  1. Wow. Really so interesting to know about him. Thanks for sharing


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