An active Collector with an Activist

Dr. R. Rajammal, who is a President Awardee, Woman Achiever, Educationist & Social Ambassador, from Kethorai is well known to all of us.

She writes,

On 8th of June, I had the opportunity to meet Madam INNOCENT DIVYA, IAS, District Collector of our beautiful Nilgiris.In fact it was a long awaited moment. I just wanted to congratulate her for the wonderful services rendered to Nilgiris and Nilgirians. She was very receptive. Too simple and humble. I had an interaction for about 15 minutes. No doubt, she is a WONDER WOMAN…! On request she accepted to wear the shawl, like Badagas, a token of respect for our community. I loved it. I will very happy if you could post it in your web site. I think she deserves this appreciation.

I and my wife had met Ms. Innocent Divya during the death anniversary -ceremony of Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder, organised by the NCMS at Ooty and had a long interaction with her. Highly impressed with her and her plans for the Nilgiris. Her actions during this Covid -19 pandemic are highly appreciated. – Wg.Cdr.JP

14 responses to “An active Collector with an Activist

  1. What an illustrous combination of wonder women!! Congratulations to our Rajammal mam and Mrs.Innocent Divya mam on your many achievements and unmatched spirit of service to humanity. Proud to be a student of Rajammal mam.. May the force of such wonder women continue to impact the lives of many deserving receptors of your service..and may you continue to inspire us.. your kids into becoming worthy of being called your students. My prayers for a healthy life for the both of you and your families🙏🙏


  2. Dear Dr. Aswathi Rajan. Thank you for your wonderful words. You are second to none in social activities. Together we will continue the good work for the underprivileged, as proud Social Ambassadors. Stay blessed.Dr. Rajma


  3. Dr. Aswathy Rajan

    This is indeed a precious moment where a young and dynamic leader meets an highly motivating and Inspiring peronality Dr. Rajammal. What a beautiful tribute by Rajammal mam…each and every wordbportrays the dynamism of both, the reciever and the creator. Madam Rajammal has devoted her life for the service of society and that zeal has driven her so far. Her passion to serve for society is so strong that she couldn’t resist herself from congratulating the great work done by Madam Innocent Divya. Both the personalities are true examples of womenhood.
    This is a perfect picture where two titans are exchanging nobel thoughts for a better society.


  4. I’m a true admirer of Dr. R. Rajammal’s work. This is a little something for the ravishing, talented queen.
    R- Rich ( not about the money she has, she is someone who’s truly rich in heart)
    A- Ambitious ( a true dreamer, she has dreamt of things which looked impossible to others but it was a piece of cake for her)
    J- Jovial ( a go to friendly human being, someone who treats everyone equally)
    A- Achiever ( what’s the point of just dreaming, she is someone who not just dreams but puts in everything possible to get there)
    M- Magnanimous ( such a generous person)
    M- Magnetic ( she doesn’t attract people by her looks, she gets all the attention in the room by her intelligence)
    A- Acerbic ( a very straightforward person, who talks to the point and never beats around the bush. There’s no filter in what she says)
    L- Legend ( yes, she’s a true legend. She has done some legendary work. She’s a one WOMAN army)
    Bless Her ❤️


  5. Indeed I am so proud to be a Nilgirian because we are gifted with many wonderful women. Now I have come across two strongest and dedicative women one is our respective District Collector , madam J.Innocent Diviya and the other one is Dr. Rajma, President Awardee, Teacher and Social Ambassador. Both these admirable personalities have created their own identity in their respective fields. As a student I want to take them as my role models to make my career bright and beneficial to the society.
    Thank you.



    This is really a great opportunity for my friend Dr. Rajammal who met the legend Mrs. Innocent Divya I.A.S . Through social media I too heard about the collector’s remarkable services rendered to Nilgiris & Nilgirians.



    Hearty Congratulations to Dr R Rajammal and the Nilgiris Collector Innocent Divya Madam…Dr. Rajammal has always been my friend, guide n philosopher….Both of you are Wonder Woman in your own fields….Not to forget your contribution towards your state n community…Grest work done! Keep Rocking!



    Hearty Congratulations Dr R.Rajammal….You have been very fortunate to have met the dynamic n Wonder Woman Collector Innocent Divya Madam……The public is very much aware of the tremendous impact of the Collector’s meticulous workmanship towards the citizens of the famed Blue Mountains……..The newspapers are not lagging behind in publishing the Collector’s generous contributions towards your beloved Nilgiris…
    Even you Dr. R.Rajammal have always all your might towards the development of the community especially its youth who are the future of the Nilgiris……
    So I would like to conclude that both the Collector and you Dr. Rajammal are doing your best to help the citizens of the famed Blue Mountains! Keep Rocking!…


  9. Thank you for the great privilege Rajma mam. It’s true that You are a very big inspiration to all of us. You have been the motivating factor to us by bringing various academicians to share with us their challenges and achievements. we are very thankful for your great support and social services .i feel immense pleasure to see Rajma mam with madam INNOCENT DIVYA IAS District collector of Nilgiris. You both are very inspirational and motivating Angels for youngsters like me. Especially for me, to reach my ambition i will always keep you both as my role models. I am grateful and delightful to have a close association with you rajma mam.


  10. I congratulate both of you for your achievements mam.You both have done a great work mam.A great inspiring women for this generation.You both have proved that hard work will definitely leads to success. We are proud to be an Nilgirians. God’s blessings are always with you mam.Always keep rocking mam. All the best for your upcoming achivements mam.


  11. It was so inspiring to know of two wonderful women meeting….my dearest & most respected teacher Rajma ma & respected collector Ms Innocent Divya…Rajma is Badaga’s pride….She is not just a teacher, she is a role model to every girl/woman…she is so active, humble, empathetic, always ready to guide & help yongsters…


  12. S.Senthil kumar

    Wow, two great personalities meeting. Respected Dr.Rajammal a great example for women and for all of us, a trend setter and Respected Collector has done and doing great service to the nation. Both are achievers, iron ladies and are going great. Both are are gem of India and proud to say that I am living in their era. God bless you both Madam.


  13. Arun Selvaraj

    It’s truly an over joy to admire these achiever’s who are always evolving and inspiring the youngsters!
    Your accomplishment reflects the potential & Hardworking legacy! ! !
    We look up to you both as a women of substance! ! !
    Congratulations for your admirable strength! ! !
    The two crowns of our Queen of hills ! !
    We experienced the wonderful administration at your time of service collector ma’am! ! !
    Proud of you Raji ma’am for the tribute you have made for Our collector !

    You made us feel high ! Salute From Another proud Nilgirian! ! !

    – Arun Selvaraj


  14. Thank you so much JP. Indeed it is an honour to Womanhood. Women are to be treated with dignity and honour. At any day Woman Power is Super power. You have expressed it several times through your website on different occasions. Your respect for women was reflected.Stay blessed. Dr. Rajma


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