Talented Badagas – Kallakorai Sanjeev Ramesh

About twenty years back, there was hardly any information about Badagas on the internet. The only website one could access was probably badaga.com . Then, I started my weblogs and websites like http://www.badaga-general.blogspot.com , http://www.badaga.co , http://www.badaga.in etc.What I started as a hobby became an obsession and now http://www.badaga.co has more than 711,000 hits.

And, there is much information on Badagas available on the net with many websites and (youtube ) videos. Social media like FB, Whatsapp etc have plenty of Badaga related information.

There is an exclusive Badaga TV channel – Nakkubetta TV

But, What has impressed me is the effort of a few talented Badaga youngsters in high lighting the positive sides of Badaga community by posting about ‘Role Model’ videos of great Badagas, which are inspirational and motivating,

One such talented person is KALLAKORAI SANJEEV RAMESH

He writes about himself :  Born on-11/05/1995, I hail from kallakorai village near Melur Palada. Parents are Ramesh and Sagunthala. My younger sister is Jayshree ( working in MNC company)

I did my schooling and college from Ooty and Coimbatore . Two years back I started my professional career from Byjus.

Growing up , our culture had always fascinated me . For instance the simplicity and mutual bond which we all share with each other , if emulated could bring in harmony and peace every where. Then there was always this thought that I donot know enough about my culture , this is the state in which most of the people of my age are currently at so, I decided to do something from my part .

I and my friend Deepak have  started making videos about our community in our own language . To make a short crisp informative video I have to do proper research which inturn helped me immensely to know about us in a better way . It’s been a very short journey which I have travelled , but the learning and exploration had been wonderful .

Lastly, I’m really grateful to your initiative ayya . Your website http://www.badaga.co has been a gem to know about our community. Thank you.

You can access Sanjeev’s videos in youtube ->


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