Major Saravanan, we are proud of you

Major Saravanan (Retd) who takes care of the welfare of Ex-Services Men and their dependents especially widowed women in the Nilgiris.

Men and Women who uphold the highest traditions of integrity and serve the nation at the risk of their own lives are the men/women in uniform of the three Services – Army, Navy and Air Force.

Most of them, due to contingencies of the Services or otherwise, retire at a comparatively young age. The welfare of these personal after retirement is very important and both at the center and in the state level have well defined welfare departments.

There are district level ESM welfare departments in almost all districts in Tamil Nadu. The one in the Nilgiris is headed by a dynamic and welfare minded person Major (retd) Saravanan from T.Horanally village. He is the son of Late B. Chokan and married to Mrs. Shakthi.

Maj.Saravanan (Retd)

He has been rendering a great service to all the Ex-Servicemen in the Nilgiris for the past four years and presently looking after Coimbatore District also as Assistant Director. He has helped many women, wives of ex-servicemen, to get proper family pension.

He joins me in encouraging Badaga youngsters, both boys and girls to join the Armed Forces which offer great job opportunity and career.


4 responses to “Major Saravanan, we are proud of you

  1. Congratulations Major Saravanan .Mother and Motherland are superior to Paradise.It is a noble service, inspiring the younger generation to join the armed forces.Be a role model and keep motivating.


  2. Chandran Vasu

    Great My dear friend


  3. praveenbheemaraj

    Proud of you major Saravanan, thanks for inspiring and motivating


  4. praveenbheemaraj

    Major Saravanan, your very motivating person and been a role model.


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