Proud of you, Badaga Women

Like any society or community in our country, women are not given the equal importance. Badagas are no exception. But of late, it is heartening to note that in their own way there are many Badaga women who are doing a great service in many fields.

The greatest Badaga leader Ari Gowder always felt that women empowerment through education is very important. He believed that girls/daughters should be given equal share in property. And he ensured that by dividing his vast property by giving equal share to his daughter in law and two grand daughters along with the grandson. This he did it seventy years back in 1950s.

The initiative of starting a Facebook group known as Badaga Mandha Women is doing a great service by discussing many issues. In one of the recent discussion on NGO Management , Anuja Jaishree Arun conducted an excellent Zoom session with the ever inspirational Dr. Rajamma about whom I have written a lot in our website which is touching almost 800,000 hits. A big thank you for all the visitors for keeping me motivated.

It is with much happiness and pride that we give the youtube link here.


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