You make us PROUD, Indrani Radhakrishna !

You make us PROUD, Indrani Radhakrishna

There are some Badaga women who have achieved international name and fame with their contribution in many fields. Indrani Radhakrishna is one such exceptional women who has shown her caliber in more than one field. Born in Yedapalli hatti and married to Naduhatti, she has been an inspiration and a motivation for many youngsters.

Her father Y K Bellie was an award winning postmaster and a well known social activist. He scored distinction in all subjects. He is Indrani’s role model. Back in her 5th standard, he encouraged her reading habits and in 8th std itself, he motivated her to write poetry and aricles. She proudly claims that “I am what I am because of my father”. Her mother Mathiammal (Maadhi) was the first girl student to finish 10th Standard schooling in those days. Another person who loved Indrani and motivated her a lot was Mrs.Akkama Devi, the first Badaga woman graduate and Member of Parliament from the Nilgiris.

Indrani Radhakrishnan is an international award winner in peace and development, besides other awards. She is a lawyer and also has experiences in many fields like teaching, training, softskills, medical transcription, business transcription, call centre, travel and tourism lecturer in Providence College for Women, besides being a writer of articles and poetry, speaker, at various Rotary, other meetings and conference at Sri Lanka . She has also been chief guest at many events and fashion shows. However, her foremost passion is history, heritage and culture.

Her researched articles of historical events of The Nilgiris are very popular. For her contributions on the military establishments in the district like the Madras Regimental Centre and Defence Services Staff College, both in Wellington, she has been personally honoured. She is very active on the FaceBook.

She is busy writing a book and we have no doubt that it is going to a best seller.

With husband and son

Indrani Radhakrishna, you make us very proud !


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