A great and grand function held on 31 Oct 2021

A great and grand function on 31 Oct 2021

On behalf of Nakkubetta Foundation

A grand function was held at Providence College, Coonoor on 31 Oct 2021 (Sunday)

1. Prize distribution to winners of Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder’s 50th Death Anniversary, Badugu Kadhe Gamalu (Song Competition),

2. Inauguration of Nakkubetta Radio,

3. Ist Anniversary of NANGAVA NANGA ARAVO

It was a well organised function with most of the winners of Badaga Kadhe Gamalu (Badaga Song competition being given the prices in person. With Kausi (Kausalaya), the anchor of “Nangava Nanaga Aravo” who had hosted the programme continuously for the past one year, was the MC and she has a natural talent to keep the audience in rapt attention. It was nice to see so many girls in traditional Badaga dress of THUNDU, MUNDU & PATTU.

Nakku Betta Foundation and Nakkubetta TV founder Ramakrishna honoured the chief guests Ex-Nakku Betta Gowda Thuneri Iyyaru, Ex-Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash, Ex-ISRO scientist Bhojaraj, Ex-IAS officer Sundara Deva and Great Singer Solur G Rama with traditional Badaga Seeley (shawl) and Mandarey (turban) with a momento.

One person who was solely missed at the foundation was the great Badaga Singer Shanthi Desingh, one of the chief judges along with Solur Rama, as she is based in USA.

Many others were presented momentoes on behalf of Nakku Betta Foundation. The well recognised Artist and Painter Gokul Gowder presented his digitally done painting to all the winners.

The man with the golden voice Thuneri Muruga, along with Pudugamandu hatti youngster at the tabla kept the audience enthralled with his songs.

WE take this opportunity to put on record our great appreciation and greetings to Naduhatti Ramakrishna, the founder of Nakkubetta TV and Nakkubetta Foundation, (along with his tech and digital savy team of youngsters). He has single handedly taken great initiatives to bring the Badagas together and to high light the much appreciated cultural and other traditions of the indigenous community. To preserve the arts, especially old songs , the Nakkubetta TV has left no stone unturned.

The programme “ Let us know ourselves (Nangava Nanga Aravo) ” has been an eye opener to both young and old.


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